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i got sick August 3rd. i spent a month in hell. i dont really remember September. at the end of October after multiple acupuncture sessions, even more lymphatic drainage sessions and tons of herbs i finallh turned a corner. i progressed for months. i was walking (not eunning, but it ass something ). i hit a total wall again late March. chest paind is back. SOB with any exertion and major fatgie.

my primary care doctor in August tokd me about all the false negatives with tests. At mu husbands urging i went back to her. with mh latest saymptoma. she jist completely set me up snd is saying i hqd soem "mysterious illness" that was like covid but it wasnt that. so in a pandemic, i got sick with a virus that has identical sumptoms to covid. And she thinks mu long hauler stuff is just anxiety. she is making crazy. Clearly i will fire her and never fo back. im so frsteated. i feel like i cant cstch a break or wven get any real supoort.

Kate Halter

Kate Halter

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