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Share your Long
COVID story 

by  participating in our qualitative survey.

Formed out of a personal need for a centralized source of reliable information, our aim is to provide you with a space dedicated to your recovery. 

Our Resources

We offer informational resources and access to our community for free, but we also offer different wellness plans and services in our membership plans. Our resources plans are meant to help you maximize your quality of life as you journey through your recovery. 

Join our community.

We will overcome Long COVID, together.

Numinis Resources

Professional Help

Have access to events with healthcare and wellness professionals that will share their experience and knowledge on Long COVID. 

Wellness Plans

Have you struggled with managing your nutrition, exercise, or mental health. We have some resources that may be useful for getting you back on track. 

Symptom Tracking

Participate in different surveys to help researchers gather more information on Long COVID. 

Founder's Membership

Join our beta group for wellness resources. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for Long COVID, but we are compiling resources that will help you maximize your quality of life as you recover. Ranging from nutrition to meditation exercises, we hope our resources will give you guidance to increase your wellness.

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Latest COVID-19 Resources

Man on Mobile Phone

State Hotlines for COVID-19


Long COVID-19 & Vaccines 

Vasculature of the Heart

Heart and COVID-19


Clinics Aiding Long-haulers


Pulse Oximeter & Skin Color



Ten months after having COVID-19, I'm still struggling with headaches, body aches, joint pain, chest tightness, and chest pain along with many other symptoms. I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome; the doctors are querying has triggered fibromyalgia, and I'm now on inhalers for my chest.



The fatigue, the brain fog, insomnia, the shortness of breath that worsens when wearing a mask, and then there's the sore in my mouth and on my lips. When reaching out for help, the only answer I get is that I must be struggling with anxiety. It's frustrating. The feeling of guilt that I should be able to bounce back from the virus. The reality is, the harder I try, the worse I feel.



I never would have expected this virus to take over my entire body and life. Nothing is the same. I am limited in ways I never could have imagined. I’m facing my own internal ableism as well as the ableism that is so deeply rooted in our society. As someone in the first wave of long haulers (with no positive test or antibodies) I really don’t want to be left behind.


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